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Caucho Newsletter July 2017



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           New Releases, Partnerships and Success Stories!

          Resin Pro has the advantages of being lightweight and fast. Thanks to the fast and precise support of Xest Information Technology, Caucho’s Korean partner, we have been able to create our current Resin operating environment. I've used WebLogic, Jeus, JBoss and other app servers. Resin is the most satisfying of all of them.” 

– Kyobobooks IT Team Leader Seo-ho, Cho (Kyobobooks is a leading bookstore in South Korea, with 35 bookstores and a mobile site that services 160,000 users/day).

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  • Resin 4.0.52 and 4.0.53

  • Case Study – ChosunILBO migration from WebLogic to Resin

  • Caucho Partners with NTT Data Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre in Sydney, Australia

  • ​Cool Resin tip – dispatch rule


Resin Updates

A lot of engineering work has gone into the latest release of Resin.  Users see a notable growth in performance and long-term stability. Good news! We have less than 10 open bug reports, including feature requests.


Bug fixes in the new versions include:


Resin – 4.0.52


- 0006051: Diffie-Hellman group vulnerability

- 0006041:  com.caucho.jmx.MBeanView does not match wildcard queries

- 0006037:  ByteCodeParser with jdk8 constants

- 0006042:  JSP and PHP is not reloaded after modification

- 0006045: issue with mmap read

- 0006033:  access.log rotation issue

- 0005920:  access log not archived intermittently

- 0006049:  indirection through jndi:/server/<path> removes server

- 0006047:  resin-data db corruption creates large log file, prevents restart

- 0006044:  stat_data.db startup time slow

- 0006038:  Access log broken data

- 0005943:  Dupliate Access-Log Entries when using host-level Redirect Rule with an IfMBeanEnabled condition
- 0006039:  session saving issue with forward


Upcoming fixes in the new 4.0.53 (in progress)


Resin – 4.0.53


- 0005951: 4.0.46 bad install over existing 4.0.37

- 0005979: Double start of application

- 0006059: PHP is not reloaded after modification

- 0006061: TempCharStream null pointer

- 0006060: UnsupportedOperationException: com.caucho.bytecode.MethodTypeConstant

- 0006055: Add log-level configuration to
- 0006058: NullPointerException @ buildInvocation( instead of 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


Resin 4.0.52 improves efficiency of data and log storage. Resin 4.0.53 will also include single line configuration in for enabling/disabling health and modifying logging content & levels of resin-data.


These changes are being implemented at the request of developers. Send us your bugs at

Case Study – Korea's largest media company increases performance by 30% and reduces TCO by 40% by migrating from WebLogic to Resin

Check out these impressive performance and cost savings results for ChosunILBO, Korea’s largest media company that also publishes the most influential newspaper in the country. 

        “Before Caucho, we used WebLogic in our main business systems. By migrating to Resin, we 'caught two birds with one stone’ and successfully achieved high performance. We also reduced our total cost of ownership (TCO) by 40%.”

        - SeongHyun, Song, Sir. Development Team, ChosunILBO

Working with our Korean partners, Xest Information Technology, ChosunILBO replaced WebLogic with Resin. Engineers benefitted from the following changes in productivity, performance and scalability:

  • They could increase work efficiency​ ​rapidly​ ​by a simple setting method and configuration change 

  • They could apply​ ​app source changes without downtime even if application source code was altered frequently 

  • By using Resin’s lightweight and rapid restart in less than 10 seconds, they could minimize downtime and increase efficiency by over 30% 

Because Resin provides seamless integration with popular frameworks including Spring, iBatis and Struts, developers used Resin as the core for their vital applications while successfully integrating their legacy applications.
Read the full ChosunILBO case study here.


Caucho Partners with NTT Data Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre


In June 2017, Caucho joined the Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre in beautiful Sydney, Australia. The partnership was formalized in San Diego by Luis Ohri, Senior VP of NTT DATA Intramart; Ricky Au, CEO of NTT Data Figtree Systems and Steve Montal, CEO of Caucho.

This technology alliance will seek strengthen NTT DATA Intramart’s sales footprint in the Asia Pacific region, while bolstering NTT DATA Figtree Systems’ technology capability and service portfolio in business process management (BPM). The Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre recognizes the significant technical benefits and synergy of incorporating Caucho products, where customers can leverage the powerful architecture of Resin, Quercus and Baratine.


The Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre will seek to develop upon the existing product IP offered by NTT DATA Figtree Systems, NTT DATA Intramart and Caucho to provide a mutually beneficial sales model and growth strategy throughout the over 5,500 existing clients, distribution channels and NTT DATA Group companies.


Caucho is honored to join the Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre. We look forward to working with our friends in Australia!


Cool Resin Tip: Dispatch Rules


Controlling flow, access, and authorization within individual web-apps is simple with Resin.

Resin's dispatching is based on a list of dispatch rules configured in the resin-web.xml or the resin.xml configuration files. Each rule has a regular expression matching request URLs. The first dispatch rule that matches takes control of the request. For example, a <resin:Redirect> sends a HTTP redirect, and a <resin:Dispatch> dispatches the request as normal.

Each matching rule can rewrite the URL using a target attribute that accepts Java regular expressions. The following rule flips the first two segments around, so /foo/bar would become /bar/foo.

Basic conditions check the request and return true if the condition matches. Conditions can check on authentication (<resin:IfUserInRole>), the remote IP (<resin:IfNetwork>), check for SSL (<resin:IfSecure>), and check for activation time (<resin:IfCron>) or if a file exists (<resin:IfFileExists>).

The rewrite conditions can also be used as security conditions, e.g. for <resin:Allow> or <resin:Deny>.An action tag can have zero condition tags or at most one. If you want combine multiple conditions, then you'll need to use composite conditions like <resin:And>, <resin:Or>, <resin:Not>, <resin:NotAnd>, and <resin:NotOr>.

Example: send 403 Forbidden if port is 80 and user is not admin

<web-app xmlns=""

<resin:IfLocalPort value="80"/>
<resin:IfUserInRole role="admin"/>


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