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Caucho Newsletter – October 2015

Resin application server - Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified

Hi Caucho Followers! We're deep into the year and we have lots of updates for you. Here's a snapshot:
  • Baratine 0.10 Released - We're close!
  • Resin 4.0.45 on
  • Caucho Rodeo Trip – Texas in Fall!
  • On-site Training now available
  • Caucho Expands Reseller Network

Baratine News

Baratine 0.10 Released 

Asynchronous reactive applications (See are the future of web applications. However, the large base of developers building asynchronous distributed applications has not yet come to fruition. We believe that this is due to the sheer complexity needed to build and maintain these solutions. Toolkits and frameworks currently require very low level message handling and force developers into a programming model that is not natural to the object oriented style of Java.
Baratine is a platform for building a network of loosely-couple POJO microservices. In this way, Baratine can be thought of as a “high-level” abstraction for reactive programming. Within Baratine, the only requirement of developers is to implement the methods from the API they design. This is in stark contrast to models that enforce an “extends” statement in base level classes and opens up the understanding of an application from just a few expert engineers, to an entire team of engineers now able to create enterprise quality distributed applications.
Baratine is moving Java forward with the next stage of encapsulation. Currently we are updating our documentation to illustrate how many models can be implemented within Baratine. The list currently stands at: 

  1. Hello world
  2. Batching
  3. In-memory
  4. Sharded
  5. Id generation
  6. Multi-pod
  7. Pub-sub
  8. Workers/integration with legacy
  9. Map-reduce
  10. Store
  11. BFS
  12. Database bardb
  13. Mysql/mongodb
  14. Child services
  15. Compute
  16. Facade APIs
  17. Vertx integration

If you have any questions about Baratine and current use cases please reach out to us at:!forum/baratine-io or drop us a line at (Don’t worry Baratine is Open Source and free to use!)

Resin News

Resin 4.0.45 on

Along with working on the technology to fuel the next generation of web apps, we continue to improve our long-standing cloud platform in Resin. The lastest version of Resin, 4.0.45, is now available for download. It includes bug fixes and increases Resin's stronghold as the top tier web and application server. Please report any bugs you come acoress to If you’re looking to expedite a bug fix, a short demo reproducting the issue always helps us out.

One other item to note is that we will be back porting the new Resin 5 database into Resin 4. Our new model will provide even better stability when corruptions occur and should be out in 2-3 weeks. 

Notable bug fixes in the 4.0.45 release include: 

  • session: change shutdown state machine to allow getAttribute on invalidating session (#5919, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)\
  • build: remove LoadTimeWeaver (#5923, rep by M. Barker)
  • watchdog: change default -Xss to 1m (#5927, rep by anupmondal)
  • servlet: check for dual registration of ServletContextListener (#5893, rep by Matias Lagerwall)
  • jsp: share classloading of .tag files (#5914, rep by nfedorov)
  • dyn-server: on server restart, allow same address:port (#5903, rep by Tom Pohl)
  • dyn-server: added lock in resin-data to ensure multiple servers cannot use same data (#5902, rep by Tom Pohl)
  • ssl: allow OpenSSL ECC support for forward secrecy (#5906, rep by Nick Stephens)
  • db: add validation and restart for corrupted BTree index (#5912, rep by wesleywu)
  • build: allow for JDK 8 build (#5901, rep by dave)
  • health: removed perm gen checks (#5910)
  • ejb: ejbTimer.cancel() needs to remove timer from getTimers() (#5891, rep by bbik)
  • servlet: FileService character-encoding should exclude images (#5907, rep by Mathias Lagerwall)

On-site Training

Caucho Rodeo Trip

We will be in Texas in November visiting customers as well as providing on-site training. We have reached out to a number of our customers in the Dallas area, but if we have not heard from you, feel free to contact Sean Wiley to request a meeting or after work BBQ/drinks. 

On-site Training

Caucho’s Advanced Developer Training may now be scheduled as on-site training. We cover the following topics in order to get your development team up to speed utilizing the Best Resin Practices: 

  • Understand Resin architecture & configuration files
  • Deploy, support, & troubleshoot Java apps on Resin
  • Configure database connectivity for a multitude of data structures
  • Configuring dynamic servers to respond to web app traffic & mitigating DDoS attacks
  • Monitor & profile applications using the administration application
  • Secure Resin & Applications running on it
  • Embed Resin for reliable & dynamic OEM solutions
  • Implement application failover for horizontal scaling
  • Utilizing Resin as a private/public/hybrid massive cloud solution
  • Versioned deployment and graceful upgrades for zero downtime  

To schedule your on-site training, please contact Alexandra Garmon (

Reseller Program


Caucho Expands Reseller Network

Recently, we have seen much growth in our US and global reseller program.

If you would like to become a Caucho reseller, please contact Alexandra Garmon (  


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