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Millions of sites worldwide successfully use Resin as the fastest and most reliable Java EE integrated solution for web applications. For almost twenty years, Caucho Resin has become recognized for high performance, security and reliability with 99.99% uptime reported by the majority of our customers, many of them Fortune 1000 companies and governments who have mission critical performance and security requirements.

  • Global leaders including Toyota, Samsung, Honda and Salesforce run on Resin
  • Major financial institutions including TD Ameritrade, the Korean Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange run on Resin
  • Major online shopping sites including Patagonia and Shiseido run on Resin
  • Major medical insurers including Vision Service Plan run on Resin
  • International governments running on Resin include the South Korean Coast Guard and Ministry of National Defense
  • The list of Resin customers goes on and on…

Resin is deployed to over 5 million sites worldwide. Fortune 1000 companies, governments, financial institutions, telecommunications companies, major shopping sites, airlines and hotel chains leverage Resin’s architecture including clustering, pdf reporting and distributed caching to achieve world class performance and reliability.

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On Performance:

The performance we see in Resin is unmatched
‘The performance we see in Resin is unmatched. We conduct over 100,000 tests per day to create the metrics we display on our web site, and we specifically selected Resin due to its speed and stability. We know we can count on Resin to keep our metrics live and fast.’
-Kent Johnson / Chief Technology Officer / RealMetrics

Tens of millions of requests per day
‘Our servers handle tens of millions of requests per day. Our customers require up to the second market data. We need a robust application server that can handle that load without getting in the way. Resin gave us that before anyone else got close, and continues to lead the way with superior performance, frequent updates, and superb support.’
-Rob Lockstone / Software Architect / SugarCRM

‘As our business expands, Resin Pro provides us with the enterprise class high-availability clustering needed for our RightTouch platform. We chose Resin because it provides great Java monitoring, administration and performance needed to operate a large scale web application’
- Soma Bulusu, CIO, TouchCommerce

On Vital Enterprise Applications:‘has relied on Resin to run our market-leading CRM services for years. After evaluating competing products, we found Resin to be the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution.’
-Dave Moellenhoff / CTO /

‘Though it rarely happens, whenever one of our domains goes down, Resin’s watchdog monitor restarts it automatically. We have been using Resin for five years and have achieved 99.99% up time. It is very reliable and fast. We host several websites and we particularly like the ability to run each domain in its own isolated java virtual machine.’
-Peter BetBasoo / CTO /

On Scalability:

Advanced load-balancing
‘After using almost every available application server on the market, Resin’s stability, reliability, and advanced load-balancing make it the obvious choice for us. We selected Resin because of the demands that our high-visibility web site puts on server performance.’
-Brandon Cruz / CTO / GoHealth Insurance

Cost effective. Feature rich. Scalable.
“The Caucho Resin application server is at the core of our product’s infrastructure, and due to its stability and reliability we’ve been able to achieve phenomenal uptime and performance for our Enterprise SaaS project portfolio management (PPM) software. While most companies with SaaS products focus primarily on small-to-midsize businesses, PowerSteering is used by global enterprises and government organizations with large, worldwide deployments. We could not serve the need of such demanding, geographically diverse users without the cost effective, feature rich, and scalable solution that Caucho provides.’
-Paul Novak / Vice President of Hosting Operations/ PowerSteering

Over 120 million page views per month
Japan’s largest online gaming portal’We made the transition from Tomcat to Resin in January 2004. Since then, traffic has constantly kept growing to over 120 million page views per month. We strongly feel that Resin is not just a business product, but more of a piece of art built by an IT company taking pride in its work.’
-Markus Ken Moriyama / Development Director / Wazap!

On Personalized Support:

Great product, great staff
‘Your engineers have helped us solve several onerous problems by providing timely review of sent logs and highly effective troubleshooting tips. We have some great software developers here but occasionally even they get stuck and need the deep technical understanding the Caucho staff provides. Resin has proven itself to be a stable yet versatile product and it’s really great to see such a talented staff behind it.’
-Gary Lunsford / ‘IT Manager / Vision Service Plan

On Mobile:

Performance blazingly fast
North America’s largest mobile social network’Resin is the center piece of our highly scalable, open source Web and mobile site architectures. Its ability to scale has allowed us to make site performance blazingly fast, while keeping our server footprint small.’
-Jamie Hall / CTO / MocoSpace

On Competitive Solutions:

Raw speed, scalability features, simplicity, open source model
‘We selected Caucho Resin after evaluating many application server vendors. Caucho’s raw speed, scalability features, simplicity, open source model, and cost model made it no contest. Our high availability assessment applications need to run on a large farm of servers and demand reliability and scalability for enormous loads. Other application servers are just filled with extensive and unnecessary components that add complexity, decrease performance and reliability, and add unnecessary costs.’
-Brian Maguire / Director of Product Development / Vantage

On combining PHP and Java:

5 times faster than standard PHP
‘Quercus seems to be around 5 times faster than standard PHP. Resin caching has also made a significant improvement to performance, since we can add application-level caching in a more fine-tuned manner. Quercus also allows us to use JDBC datasources, and DB pooling, which adds efficiency to the data layer. We’ve also been able to easily utilize Java libraries and existing code right from PHP, which has both development and performance implications (both positive).
-Paul T. Fisher / Manager of Technology /, Cond’Net

On Ease of Use:

Elegantly designed and sturdily built
‘We are fanatical about availability and reliability. Resin has never let us down. Resin gives us the extreme performance, reliability, and scalability we demand from an application server. Yet, we also require flexibility. That’s why we ardently support open source. With Resin we can be confident that we will always have the flexibility we need. As engineers, we have deep respect for elegantly designed and sturdily built products. That’s why we chose Resin. Resin puts bloated black-box application servers to shame. With Resin, we can focus on what we do best ‘ building intelligent applications.’
-Tom Foley / CEO and Founder/ Silver Egg Technology

Bar none the best container on the market
‘Smoking fast, compact, and easy to configure plus advanced features like clustering and SSL, Resin is bar none the best container on the market. Resin is our go to web application server and it always delivers.’
-Matt Serrano / CTO / Aplos Software

On Reliability:

Unleash the full performance of RESIN
‘Japan’s largest online gaming portal’Using JENNIFER to unleash the full performance of RESIN, we reduced the time spent monitoring our enterprise applications by 50% and time spent identifying and resolving the performance problem by 70%. What used to take hours or days now only takes minutes.’
-Young-Chul Choi / Lead Development Engineer / Ticket Link

On Security:

Secure over 65,000 websites
‘Resin’s performance and reliability allows us to help secure over 65,000 websites. Resin consistently maintains the highest level of security when compared to other J2EE application servers.’
-Ben Tyler / VP of Engineering / ScanAlert

Case Studies

Customer case study: Conde Nast Digital
Conde Nast Digital improves productivity while saving costs by migrating to Resin and Quercus platform.

Customer case study: Ticket Link
Using Jennifer APM solution as a performance management tool for Resin in the #1 ticket sales and distribution company in South Korea.

Customer case study: International Decision Systems
Using Hessian in a desktop financial application to communicate with EJBs.

Customer case study: LiveProcess

Deploying Emergency Preparedness and Response for Healthcare with Resin and Quercus Java-PHP solution.

Customer case study: Wazap!

Migrating Japan’s largest online gaming portal from Tomcat to Resin for handling 120 million page views per month and growing.

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