About Caucho

Millions of sites worldwide successfully use Resin as the fastest and most reliable Java EE integrated solution for web applications. For more than twenty years, Caucho Resin has become recognized for high performance, security and reliability with 99.99% uptime reported by the majority of our customers, many of them Fortune 1000 companies and governments who have mission critical performance and security requirements.

Salesforce.com has relied on Resin to run our market-leading CRM services for years. After evaluating competing products, we found Resin to be the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution.   – Dave Moellenhoff / CTO, Salesforce.com

“Our goal for over twenty years has been to provide developers with lightweight programming tools to run some of the most sophisticated and mission critical sites on the planet.”   – Steve Montal, Co-Founder.


2022: Resin 4.0 supports JDK 17
2021: Resin 3.1 and Resin 4.0 are not affected by CVE-2021-44228 (log4j2 remote-code-execution vulnerability) because Resin implements virtually every part of JavaEE from scratch and depends on less than a handful of external libraries in total
2021: The Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation And Control (KINAC) and Korea Sports Promotion Organization significantly expand their Resin deployments in partnership with Xest Information Technology

2020: Thai AirAsia migrates to NTT Data Intramart, powered by Resin, and reduces 80% of its outsourcing costs
2020: Resin adds support for TLS v1.3

2019: Resin supports JDK11
2019: Resin significantly improves performance for Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education

2018: Caucho celebrates 20 Year Anniversary!
2018: Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry achieves nationwide scalability using Resin clustering
2018: Resin Embedded adds support for Spring Boot command line deployment

2017: Caucho partners with the NTT Data Intramart Figtree Innovation Centre in Sydney to develop performance, cloud and security solutions
2017: Caucho presents Baratine Microservices at Devoxx 2017 Conference
2017: Caucho expands South Korean market through partnership with Xest Information Technology. Customers include Samsung, Ministry of National Defense and Korea Coast Guard
2017: NTT Data Intramart achieves 5,500 customer sales — powered by Resin

2016: Caucho introduces ultra fast and single-threaded Baratine GPL microservices framework
2016: Mitsubishi Corporation, Toyota Administration Corporation and Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. run on Resin as part of Caucho’s partnership with NTT Data Intramart

2015: Caucho expands reseller and OEM program throughout Southeast Asia, Russia, India and the Middle East

2014: Caucho begins work on Baratine, a new distributed in-memory Java service platform

2013: Caucho celebrates 15-year anniversary!

2012: Netcraft reports 4.7 million sites deployed on Resin

2011: Caucho named “Cool Vendor” and “Visionary” by Gartner
2011: Resin Pro Cloud Optimized and Web Profile certified

2010: Resin leads Web Profile technology and keynotes TheServerSide Java Symposium

2009: Significant Cloud Support and Administration feature enhancements

2008: Introduction of Resin 3rd generation clustering and CDI

2007: Resin 3.1 released

2006: Japan’s largest online gaming portal deploys on Resin
2006: Caucho releases Quercus, a PHP-Java implemented in 100% Java

2005: Caucho becomes a Sun Microsystem J2EE licensee

2004: Hessian 1.0 spec released

2003: e-gatematrix deploys on Resin

2002: CNET deploys on Resin

2001: AltaVista search deploys on Resin
2001: Caucho & NTT Data Intramart launch partnership

2000: Salesforce deploys on Resin

1999: Resin 1.0 released

1998: Caucho founded with the goal to provide lightweight and high performance Java solutions

Engineering Projects


Quercus is Caucho’s implementation of PHP written in Java to improve performance, scalability and security of PHP applications


Hessian is a fast, compact, binary protocol that not only outperforms XML-based remoting protocols like SOAP and XML-RPC but also meets or exceeds the performance of other binary protocols like ORMI and Java JNI