Caucho Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter at a glance

  • Resin 4.0.65 released
  • TLS v1.3 for OpenSSL
  • Disabling insecure cipher suites
  • ?Protocol and cipher-suite in
  • Customer success story – Thai AirAsia migrates to NTT Data Intramart powered by Resin and reduces 80% of its outsourcing costs

Resin 4.0.65 released

Resin 4.0.65 comes with numerous bug fixes. Notably, it adds support for TLS v1.3.

Here’s the change list for Resin 4.0.65 – released July 29, 2020

  • openssl: add +/tlsv1.3
  • class-scan: catch and continue from .class parse exceptions
  • access-log: add %{param}p for parameter (#6305, rep by Yoo)
  • websocket: avoid wrapping IOException in IllegalStateException
  • jdk: EventManager need to use ConcurrentHashMap.putIfAbsent, not Map.putIfAbsent
  • config: openssl-protocol, openssl-cipher-suite, openssl-chain-file
  • health: avoid reporting time outside window as downtime

In case you missed it, here’s the change list for Resin 4.0.64 – released February 2, 2020

  • cluster: fix heartbeat close
  • deploy: fix duplicate remote deploy
  • config: add jvm_classpath to cluster-default.xml
  • config: add access_log_format
  • jdk: TcpPort._activeConnectionSet.keySet() must use Map api
  • jdk: getAttribute should not wrap AttributeNotFound
  • jdk-compat: dynamic Logging during initialization

If you’d like to discuss updates or take advantage of new Resin features for your deployment, please email Alexandra Garmon,, to arrange a web meeting with one of our engineers.

TLS v1.3 for OpenSSL

Resin 4.0.65 adds support for TSL v1.3, which is significantly faster than TLS v1.2 to complete the SSL handshake. To enable TLS v1.3, simply install an OpenSSL library that supports it.  For users that whitelist SSL protocols in their config with “-all”, you will need whitelist it in

protocol : -all +tlsv1.2 +tlsv1.3

Disabling insecure cipher suites

TLS v1.3 improves security by removing support for insecure cipher suites.  For older TLS versions however, you’ll need to disable them manually in

cipher-suite : ALL:!aNULL:!ADH:!NULL:!LOW:!MEDIUM:!EXP:!SSLv3:+HIGH

The above disables low and medium strength cipher suites.

Customer success story – Thai AirAsia migrates to NTT Data Intramart – powered by Resin – and reduces 80% of its outsourcing costs

Intramart is the major Business Process Management workflow software provider in Japan with over 6,000 Intramart customers deployed on Resin. Intramart’s “Open & Easy” concept provides flexibility, scalability and development productivity to thousands of users, including some of the largest companies in the world.


  • Workflow previously required Thai AirAsia to outsource development, which was costly and time consuming


  • Deployment of intra-mart, which enables Thai AirAsia to insource all changes of operation flow
  • ?Operation of Thai AirAsia using intra-mart workflow covers everything from travel expense adjustment called eDTR (electric Duty Travel Request) and using VPN to applying for purchases.


  • Time: Dramatically shortens the time to create and change workflow systems
  • ?Cost: 80% reduction of outsourcing costs by complete insourcing
  • Paper reduction: 60% reduction in departmental paper use

“The ability of intra-mart to easily create workflow processes from scratch with drag and drop was outstanding compared to other products”
Mr. Pakpom – Project Coordinator, ICT Department

Read full case study here:


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