Resin unifies your architecture

One install. One management. Everything you need. At Caucho, we pride ourself in having built virtually every component of Resin in-house to allow Resin to outperform all other solutions out there. Resin is all you need to build scalable data-intensive cloud applications.

It is difficult to scale your application when your underlying architecture is built upon many 3rd party packages. Each 3rd party component requires separate update schedules, memory, resources, and expensive licensing; it is a management nightmare. With Resin, you do not waste time with 3rd party components or external dependencies. When you scale Resin, you scale your entire application. You are not straddled with managing multiple components in a complex production environment. Your time is freed to develop and improve your application. The diagram below highlights the advantages of Resin’s uniform solution over multiple 3rd party packages:

resinarch 3rd_party
  • One license covers and horizontally scales your environment ( public, private, hybrid clouds)
  • Simple and easy configuration with optimized and secure components
  • Small memory footprint (35 MB Total), requires less hardware
  • Multiple licenses and updates to maintain, expensive to scale
  • Multiple configuration files for 3rd Party components require “wiring code” introducing points of failure and possible security exploits
  • Large architecture memory overhead, requires more hardware and security management

Next generation

Resin solves the aforementioned problems by providing the first architecture that is built in-house and intended for massively scalable and data-rich applications. Resin provides your application with:

  1. Components that are optimized to work together
  2. No external dependencies
  3. Ability to easily upgrade and test without rearchitecting
  4. Minimal memory footprint so your hardware costs stay low
  5. Support directly from engineers who work on Resin’s code

Resin’s core components provide you with everything needed to build and maintain robust enterprise applications. Resin also comes out of the box with plug-and-play support for the top industry standards in caching, health monitoring, and messaging so you are can easily integrate into your current environment.

Define your use case

Non mission-critical / Less than 10 CPU Mission-critical / Greater than 10 CPU

If your application is small and:

  • Is going to be deployed to non-clustered environments
  • Needs only a subset of Java EE Profile
  • Has a small code base with a very basic architecture

These applications do not have the requirements that mission and business critical applications have and can be implemented on a single server with a variety of Open Source components. For these projects we recommend the GPL version of Resin as it is the best of breed in Open Source Application Servers. For further clarification read through our FAQ

Using 3rd party architecture in this category means your application is susceptible to:

  • Upgrades that require all external frameworks and components to be compatible
  • Bugs in 3rd Party components requiring external support
  • Multiple points of failure when attempting to scale
  • Slow and stagnant development

These applications are in the realm of complexity that require a tested, scalable, and manageable environment to stay productive. It becomes impractical to manage multiple 3rd party components, frameworks, and configuration files.

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