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For testing and starting out.
  • Java EE 6 Web Profile
  • World's fastest web server
  • Watchdog process
  • No third-party dependencies
  • Quercus
For large production applications.
  • Java EE 6 Web Profile
  • World's fastest web server
  • Watchdog process
  • No third-party dependencies
  • Quercus Professional
  • Dynamic cloud servers
  • Distributed sessions
  • Distributed JCache
  • Smart load balancer
  • OpenSSL integration
  • Fast proxy cache
  • Cluster health monitoring
  • High performance socket JNI
  • Enterprise support options

Resin 4.0 is the current stable release branch suitable for production use.

Resin 4.0.54



4.0.54 bug fixes

Change List

  • elastic: dynamic server timeouts not properly handled (#6088)
  • log: add archive-format to watchdog-log (#6081)
  • network: timing issue with thread launcher (#6089)
  • network: add 120s failsafe to thread launcher (#6089)
  • admin: hessian whitelist issue with ObjectName (#6043, rep by Shinomiya NObuaki)
  • admin: add web-app information to CLI status (#6056)
  • deploy: deploy issues from /resin-admin (#6050, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
  • log: add getFormatter() support for SyslogHandler (#6087)
  • servlet: change access log NPE logging to see stack trace (rep by Steffen Busch)
  • servlet: error-page for 400 (#6076, rep by stbu)
  • servlet: session issues when using ScheduledTask (#6080, rep by kenjrwalker)
  • servlet: multipart form error attributes (#6077, rep by Steffen Busch)
  • log: log rotation timing issues on HP-UX (#6079)
  • cache: rename javax.cache to com.caucho.cache to avoid conflict with final spec (#6071)
  • admin: NPE in JavaClassDef.getField (#6074)
  • actor: backport actors actor from Baratine for HP-UX issues
  • dump_heap: hprof-path must use getNativePath() for windows (#6072)
  • mod_caucho: redirect issue with query parameters (#6054)
  • cache: kill keepalive when cache is invalid (#5982, rep by jfblachon)
  • cdi: timing issue with ApplicationScoped beans (#6639, rep by Jose Fernandez)
  • cluster: cleanup of heartbeat period and timeout (#5904, rep by Tom Pohl)
  • servlet: i18n issues with encodeRedirectURL over 0x8000 (#6069, rep by marc82ch)
  • servlet: handling of stale web-app while processing error page
  • jsse: default system properties moved to resin.xml (#6063, rep by Marc Wiest)
  • jsse: honor-cipher-order (#6067, rep by stbu)

Resin 4.0.53



Bug fix release.

Change List

  • install: issue with symlink and existing directory (#5951, rep by A. Hilliard)<\ /li>
  • webapp: sync issues with starting (#5979, rep by Mathias Lagerwall)
  • php: preload was switched to load (#6059, rep by kpokrovsky)
  • jsp: multiple free of BodyContext (#6061)
  • jsp: .smap issues with invokedynamic constant pool (#6060, rep by mnsh)
  • mod_caucho: updates to ;jsessionid stripping (#6057, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)<\ /li>
  • health: added configure to disable health checks and logging (\ #6055)
  • rewrite: NPE when web-app stopped and rewrite rules used (#6048, rep by stbu)
  • Resin 4.0.52



    Bug fixes centering on database stability and access.log.

    Change List

    • apache: reencode 0x0d for uri in mod_caucho
    • jsse: set default JSSE settings to higher levels (#6051, rep by VasumathiN)
    • jmx: issues with queries and wildcards (#6041, rep by kpokrovsky)
    • health: need finally, and catching of exception
    • jsp: analysis of InvokeDynamic (#6037, rep by alpor9)
    • database: validation of database file extension size (#6045, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
    • rollover: multiple rollover configuration not properly update (#6033, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
    • access.log: multiple <access-log> not properly handled (#5920)
    • getResource: return "file:" url for normal resource in getResource (#6049)
    • db-pool: min-idle-count registered with transaction
    • database: meta-allocation-table write issues (#6046)
    • database: free row allocation performance issues (#6044)
    • access.log: possible corruption by multithreading (#6038)
    • classloader: relative path validation for getResource (rep by Steffen Busch)
    • servlet: strip path parameters from getPathInfo CVE-2016-9879 (#6036, rep by mtryhoen2
    • rewrite: rewrite in host with resin:IfXXX adds extra log (#5943, rep by stbu)
    • session: session.refCount issues with forward and loaded session (#6039, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)

    Resin 4.0.51



    Bug fix release, primarily focused on database timing issues, and hessian whitelisting.

    Change List

    • database: timing fixes for block load and write
    • thread: task timing allows spurious LAUNCH error
    • hessian: add allow/deny/whitelist for the deserializer
    • request: NPE in finishRequest for callbacks and getLocale() (#6028)

    Resin 4.0.50



    Resin 4.0.50 bug fix release.

    Change List

    • range: range issue with out-of-range request
    • apache: missing 4th argument to apr_pool_cleanup_register
    • openssl: detect shutdown for SSL read
    • deploy: use full .war for internal .git


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