Resin Pro Download

For testing and starting out.
  • Java EE 6 Web Profile
  • World's fastest web server
  • Watchdog process
  • No third-party dependencies
  • Quercus
For large production applications.
  • Java EE 6 Web Profile
  • World's fastest web server
  • Watchdog process
  • No third-party dependencies
  • Quercus Professional
  • Dynamic cloud servers
  • Distributed sessions
  • Distributed JCache
  • Smart load balancer
  • OpenSSL integration
  • Fast proxy cache
  • Cluster health monitoring
  • High performance socket JNI
  • Enterprise support options

Resin Pro 4.0 is the current stable release branch suitable for production use. You can also download Resin Pro 3.1.

Resin Pro 4.0.54



4.0.54 bug fixes

Change List

  • elastic: dynamic server timeouts not properly handled (#6088)
  • log: add archive-format to watchdog-log (#6081)
  • network: timing issue with thread launcher (#6089)
  • network: add 120s failsafe to thread launcher (#6089)
  • admin: hessian whitelist issue with ObjectName (#6043, rep by Shinomiya NObuaki)
  • admin: add web-app information to CLI status (#6056)
  • deploy: deploy issues from /resin-admin (#6050, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
  • log: add getFormatter() support for SyslogHandler (#6087)
  • servlet: change access log NPE logging to see stack trace (rep by Steffen Busch)
  • servlet: error-page for 400 (#6076, rep by stbu)
  • servlet: session issues when using ScheduledTask (#6080, rep by kenjrwalker)
  • servlet: multipart form error attributes (#6077, rep by Steffen Busch)
  • log: log rotation timing issues on HP-UX (#6079)
  • cache: rename javax.cache to com.caucho.cache to avoid conflict with final spec (#6071)
  • admin: NPE in JavaClassDef.getField (#6074)
  • actor: backport actors actor from Baratine for HP-UX issues
  • dump_heap: hprof-path must use getNativePath() for windows (#6072)
  • mod_caucho: redirect issue with query parameters (#6054)
  • cache: kill keepalive when cache is invalid (#5982, rep by jfblachon)
  • cdi: timing issue with ApplicationScoped beans (#6639, rep by Jose Fernandez)
  • cluster: cleanup of heartbeat period and timeout (#5904, rep by Tom Pohl)
  • servlet: i18n issues with encodeRedirectURL over 0x8000 (#6069, rep by marc82ch)
  • servlet: handling of stale web-app while processing error page
  • jsse: default system properties moved to resin.xml (#6063, rep by Marc Wiest)
  • jsse: honor-cipher-order (#6067, rep by stbu)

Resin Pro 4.0.53



Bug fix release.

Change List

  • install: issue with symlink and existing directory (#5951, rep by A. Hilliard)<\ /li>
  • webapp: sync issues with starting (#5979, rep by Mathias Lagerwall)
  • php: preload was switched to load (#6059, rep by kpokrovsky)
  • jsp: multiple free of BodyContext (#6061)
  • jsp: .smap issues with invokedynamic constant pool (#6060, rep by mnsh)
  • mod_caucho: updates to ;jsessionid stripping (#6057, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)<\ /li>
  • health: added configure to disable health checks and logging (\ #6055)
  • rewrite: NPE when web-app stopped and rewrite rules used (#6048, rep by stbu)
  • Resin Pro 4.0.52



    Bug fixes centering on database stability and access.log.

    Change List

    • apache: reencode 0x0d for uri in mod_caucho
    • jsse: set default JSSE settings to higher levels (#6051, rep by VasumathiN)
    • jmx: issues with queries and wildcards (#6041, rep by kpokrovsky)
    • health: need finally, and catching of exception
    • jsp: analysis of InvokeDynamic (#6037, rep by alpor9)
    • database: validation of database file extension size (#6045, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
    • rollover: multiple rollover configuration not properly update (#6033, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)
    • access.log: multiple <access-log> not properly handled (#5920)
    • getResource: return "file:" url for normal resource in getResource (#6049)
    • db-pool: min-idle-count registered with transaction
    • database: meta-allocation-table write issues (#6046)
    • database: free row allocation performance issues (#6044)
    • access.log: possible corruption by multithreading (#6038)
    • classloader: relative path validation for getResource (rep by Steffen Busch)
    • servlet: strip path parameters from getPathInfo CVE-2016-9879 (#6036, rep by mtryhoen2
    • rewrite: rewrite in host with resin:IfXXX adds extra log (#5943, rep by stbu)
    • session: session.refCount issues with forward and loaded session (#6039, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)

    Resin Pro 4.0.51



    Bug fix release, primarily focused on database timing issues, and hessian whitelisting.

    Change List

    • database: timing fixes for block load and write
    • thread: task timing allows spurious LAUNCH error
    • hessian: add allow/deny/whitelist for the deserializer
    • request: NPE in finishRequest for callbacks and getLocale() (#6028)

    Resin Pro 4.0.50



    Resin 4.0.50 bug fix release.

    Change List

    • range: range issue with out-of-range request
    • apache: missing 4th argument to apr_pool_cleanup_register
    • openssl: detect shutdown for SSL read
    • deploy: use full .war for internal .git


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