About Caucho

cau’cho n. The resin derived from the Argentinean Cauchilla tree.

Caucho Technology

“Our goal for almost two decades has been to provide developers with lightweight programming tools to run some of the most sophisticated and mission critical sites on the planet. In addition to making significant improvements to Resin, we released the Baratine GPL microservices framework, which allows you to create web services such as messaging without a database, cache or app server. Baratine’s revolutionary non-blocking and single threaded model allows you to code simple API’s and have them perform as high performing web services.” Steve Montal, Co-Founder.


2016: Caucho introduces ultra fast and single-threaded Baratine GPL microservices framework
2016: Mitsubishi Corporation, Toyota Administration Corporation and Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. run on Resin as part of Caucho’s partnership with NTT Data Intramart
2015: Caucho expands reseller and OEM program throughout Southeast Asia, Russia, India and the Middle East
2014: Caucho begins work on Baratine, a new distributed in-memory Java service platform
2013: Caucho celebrates 15-year anniversary
2012: Netcraft reports 4.7 million sites deployed on Resin
2011: Caucho named “Cool Vendor” and “Visionary” by Gartner
2011: Resin 4.0 Cloud Optimized and Web Profile certified
2010: Resin leads Web Profile technology and keynotes TSSJS
2009: Cloud Support and Administration features
2008: Resin 3rd generation Clustering and introduces CDI
2007: Resin 3.1 released
2006: Japan’s largest online gaming portal deploys on Resin
2006: Caucho releases Quercus, a PHP-Java implemented in 100% Java
2005: Caucho becomes Sun Microsystem J2EE licensee
2004: Hessian 1.0 spec. released
2003: e-gatematrix deploys on Resin
2002: CNET deploys on Resin
2001: AltaVista search deploys on Resin
2001: Caucho & NTT Data Intramart launch partnership
2000: Salesforce deploys on Resin
1999: Resin 1.0 released
1998: Caucho founded

Engineering Projects


Quercus is Caucho’s implementation of PHP written in Java to improve performance, scalability and security of PHP applications


Hessian is a fast, compact, binary protocol that not only outperforms XML-based remoting protocols like SOAP and XML-RPC but also meets or exceeds the performance of other binary protocols like ORMI and Java JNI