Professional Services

Our professional services are provided by Caucho senior engineers on-site or remotely, depending on your budget and needs. We work with you to develop, install, configure, deploy, and troubleshoot your applications and maximize the performance of your deployment. Services are customized to meet the needs of your team and include:

  • Architecture Migration - If you are looking to consolidate your fragmented architecture for better performance or want to migrate your application from an expensive WebLogic or Websphere license, we can assist you. Migrate to Resin's architecture to achieve an agile and memory conscious platform ready to reliably serve millions of users
  • Cloud deployment - Whether you're building new applications or looking to move applications to a cloud environment we can help. Resin supports public, private, and hybrid cloud systems so you can move portions of your application to the cloud while keeping sensitive data in house.
  • Performance tuning optimizations - Data-rich applications can benefit tremendously from a clustered and shared resource environment. Our engineers can help fine tune Resin in order to maximize throughput within your application. Savings can be tenfold in terms of ROI and hardware reduction.
  • Security review - With the amount of data being shared across applications, it is imperative that you are able to confidently authenticate, authorize, and transport user data. Whether it be single sign-on, password digests, or robust conditionals, our engineers can help maximize your security through Resin.
  • Scalability review - Is your application ready to take the next big step and scale from hundreds or thousands to millions of concurrent users? A scalability review will ensure that your application will be able to match client load when it matters the most.
  • Best practices and Training - The many moving parts to a complex and powerful architecture can be overwhelming if not properly explained. We provide training sessions that cover basic to advanced concepts in Resin so that developers, dev-ops, and managers are confident in their solution.
  • Troubleshooting - Trying to track down a persistent and tricky bug? Get support from the same engineers who work on the core code of Resin

For a quote of services custom-tailored to your needs: